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Seedlings in Pots

Transplanting & Bed Preparation Workshop

Saturday May 18th, 2024
The Forest Garden, Bath, Maine
*Rain date: Sunday May 19th, 2024, 9am-12pm

Sliding Scale $15-$50 per person

Alright, your plants are started, you've got your garden plan,
danger of frost has passed.

Now what?!

Let's get to preparing the soil and getting those
little seedlings outside!

In this fun three hour hands on workshop you will learn:

Hands in the Soil

  • How to prepare your garden bed(s)

    • What kind of soil do you have? And what does that mean?

    • What is organic matter and what does it do?

    • Should you mulch or not?

  • How to plant your garden!

    • How and when do you transplant seedlings?

    • How do you direct seed with success?

    • How much and how often do you need to water?

    • How much do we need to weed, and how do we know what to weed?


This workshop takes place up in the beautiful Forest Garden. We will start this workshop by looking at the soil and talking about the different types of soil you might have it your house and what that means for how you grow food! We'll get to talking about and adding compost to our beds before direct seeding and transplanting into them! 

You'll get your hands dirty, transplant seedlings, learn everything you need to know about getting started with soil amendment, and get all your questions answered!

This is sure to be a fun, dynamic workshop that will hand you lots of first hand experience so you feel confident getting your own garden started this season.


Registration Info

Claire offers gardening workshops at a sliding scale because everyone deserves to know how to grow their own food, and Claire loves to teach! As with all things in the world, these workshops are not free to run so Claire appreciates you choosing a comfortable amount within her sliding scale of $15-$50 to help in the cost of putting on these workshops.

Thank you so much in advance for supporting these important
learning events!
Register for Claire's Transplanting and Bed Prep Workshop
Saturday May 18th, 2024

The Forest Garden, Bath, Maine

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