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Intuitive Emotional Healing

What is Intuitive Emotional Healing?

Intuitive Emotional Healing is a healing framework Claire developed to help you know in every moment:

  • Who you are

  • What you're feeling

  • What you're needing

  • How to respond to your feelings and needs from a place of solid love and honoring and

  • How to really feel emotions all the way through without re-traumatizing ourselves or getting stuck in the emotion

Through this work you are invited to return home to yourself.


To once again listen to that little voice in you that knows exactly what you need and who you are.


The voice that knows instinctively the clear path forward. 


When we hear this voice and learn to act in ways that honor it, we begin to find ourselves again.

This work is about reconnecting to our humanity,

rediscovering real love (not egotism) for ourselves, expanding our self-awareness and gaining practical tools and strategies to care for ourselves and our loved ones better, from a place of true wholeness. 


This work is about identifying where we are still abandoning ourselves, where we are rationalizing our own exhaustion, lack of happiness or fulfillment, or where we are still not recognizing our inherent worth. Most of us have little awareness around the thoughts we think about ourselves, our worthiness, and our ability to move through the world as the empowered beings

we're meant to be.


Most of us are walking around saying silent things to ourselves that we would never say about another person. This work is about

catching ourselves when we lose sight of our breathtaking human-ness

and discovering a new way of holding ourselves with love, honesty, and real alignment with who we are.

Are you ready to dive in?
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