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Intuitive Emotional Healing

What is Intuitive Emotional Healing?

Intuitive Emotional Healing is a healing framework Claire developed to help you know in every moment:

  • Who you are

  • What you're feeling

  • What you're needing

  • How to respond to your feelings and needs from a place of solid love and honoring and

  • How to really feel emotions all the way through without re-traumatizing ourselves or getting stuck in the emotion

How Intuitive Emotional Healing was Born

(written by Claire Garner, your resident Intuitive Emotional Healing Guide)


Let me tell you a little story...

In 2020 my life changed dramatically, I think just about everyone’s did. Once everything closed down in March, I found myself coming up against fears I didn’t know I had, beliefs I’d held my whole life that seemed to be unraveling, and old emotional wounds that were surfacing to be healed. During this time, as I spoke about these things with trusted friends, I found that, to my dismay, my friendships (which I had thought were the strongest around) started to disintegrate… I experienced the heartbreaking winnowing that we all go through to some degree when we start to transform from the inside out. So over the period of that year, all of my close people, (except for my parents) fell away…

In December of that year, I had been living with my little sister (another one of my close people), my brother-in-law, and my two little nephews for over two years. In the months leading up to this time, my sister and I found ourselves in one of the hardest chapters of our relationship (which we have since done a ton of healing around), and needed to separate… So I moved out… Not even a week later, I was making lunch, wondering why I hadn't heard from my love in 24 hours. We'd been seeing each other for a month and a half and he had become such a rock in my life. We had just had the sweetest visit the day before, and I was feeling so comforted by his loving presence in the midst of this fallout with my sister... then, his text came in... He couldn't be with me anymore, he was choosing someone else...

I was blindsided, panicked, and totally crushed.

Almost overnight, I found myself living completely alone (housesitting for four months), in the middle of a pandemic, in a house that wasn’t mine, with a shattered heart, and with pretty much no one I could call.

My parents were incredible and checked on me often… they would listen to my heart break and love me, but there was deeper processing and healing that was needed. I knew I had to do something or I was going to get stuck in this downward spiral of isolation and grief. 

Back in the summer of 2013 I had found Louise Hay’s book, Mirror Work. Since that time I had dabbled on and off in this style of healing, but the affirmations had never felt really resonant to me. I had also, as an external processor,  started a practice I call Voice Recording where I would talk into the voice recorder on my phone in lieu of an actual human who could listen to me. So now, in the wake of this separating with my sister and this broken heart, I decided that it was Go Time. These tools (that I had used half-heartedly, mixed into heavily relying on friends and family to keep me afloat) were my only life line. It was sink or swim time, and I was not about to sink.

So I spent time everyday talking to myself in my voice recorder, looking for where I was needing more love, and listening to those recordings back like I would listen to a dear friend. Every time I felt like I was going to lose it I would run over to the mirror in the entryway, make eye contact with myself, and offer myself love as I cried. I felt a little silly in the beginning of this, but then after a little while I noticed that I felt a growing love and appreciation for myself… I noticed that I felt relief after a big cry instead of a low-level hum of depression all the time… I noticed I felt happier in the in-between, and more resilient more of the time. I felt more love for me. I was changing… I could hear my higher guidance more, and I was listening to it! 

I knew I was onto something.

Fast forward to February of 2021, my whole life changed. I went to a gathering at a new friend’s house, and met my now love, Jess Bell. As I fell in love with Jess, I found that the work I had done to love myself actually prepared me to let myself love and be loved by her. As I shared little pieces of the work I had done with Jess, she reflected to me how deep it goes, how different it feels, how needed it is. She encouraged me to offer it in a real way to others… In October of that year, after months of watching the continued change in me, and now Jess as a result of this work (and months of urging from Jess) as well as a couple sessions with some incredible psychics and intuitive guides who all echoed the same thing (“Your healing is in your word” “It looks like all the energy is around Claire shifting into trauma healing work” “She has more than she thinks she does. She doesn’t have to wait until it’s perfect, she just needs to get started!”), Claire FINALLY accepted the invitation and began offering her Intuitive Emotional Healing framework. 

It was time to bring this work to the world.

And what is this Intuitive Emotional Healing framework?


It centers around you reconnecting and forming a new relationship with yourself. Some of the techniques and methods I draw from include:

- Mirror Work 

- Voice recording        

- A new approach to inner child work

- Writing it out                             

- Mind taming meditation               

- Deepening self awareness practices

- Learning to feel emotions while providing a safe container for ourselves

- And more...

This Intuitive Emotional Healing framework hands you the tools to be able to feel in safety, cultivate real compassion for yourself and in turn the people around you, and approach your relationships and your life from a place of empowered sovereignty.

Through this work you are invited to return home to yourself.


To once again listen to that little voice in you that knows exactly what you need and who you are.


The voice that knows instinctively the clear path forward. 


When we hear this voice and learn to act in ways that honor it, we begin to find ourselves again.

This work is about reconnecting to our humanity,

rediscovering real love (not egotism) for ourselves, expanding our self-awareness and gaining practical tools and strategies to care for ourselves and our loved ones better, from a place of true wholeness. 


This work is about identifying where we are still abandoning ourselves, where we are rationalizing our own exhaustion, lack of happiness or fulfillment, or where we are still not recognizing our inherent worth. Most of us have little awareness around the thoughts we think about ourselves, our worthiness, and our ability to move through the world as the empowered beings we're meant to be.


Most of us are walking around saying silent things to ourselves that we would never say about another person. This work is about

catching ourselves when we lose sight of our breathtaking human-ness

and discovering a new way of holding ourselves with love, honesty, and real alignment with who we are.

Are you ready to dive in?
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