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The Chickens

Here at the Centers for Energetic Healing home office we have a small flock of laying hens. In the winter they live in a 7 x 7 permanent winter coup with a 4 x 5 solar greenhouse as their run. This gives them access to dirt and sun all year round.


When it gets warm enough outside, they transition into their 4 x 4 summer coup on skids. While this summer coup is much smaller, it is accompanied by a large yard surrounded by electrified netting, allowing them to be moved to new ground every few weeks. This means that our ladies get to eat ticks and forage in our beautiful forest all summer, not far from The Forest Garden.

We got these ladies in March of 2022, and have been getting weekly eggs from them since August of that year. We currently have a few families we sell eggs to weekly, but it we ever have extras you'll find them listed in the Forest Garden Farmstand's weekly offering posting on Instagram and out for purchase during Farmstand hours on a first come first serve basis.

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