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One on One
Intuitive Emotional
Healing Sessions

with Claire Garner NBC-HWC
Intuitive Emotional Healing Guide

One on one Intuitive Emotional Healing sessions with Claire are a beautiful opportunity to receive detailed specific help in

gaining practical new tools and perspective shifts

to help you build emotional competence

and awareness in your life.


They feel a bit like a talk therapy session at first, in that when you first sit down Claire will guide you in reflecting on varying aspects of your life like your childhood, family dynamics, romantic relationships, friendships etc to get a sense of your history, how you evolved into the human you are now, and what patterns you might have that are asking to be transformed.


From here, Claire will help you with perspective shifts, new awarenesses, and help you select the practical tools, focus, and direction of your growth from there. No matter what methods you choose, they are all meant to lead you back to you. This is about stepping into loving relationship with ourselves, and finally really breaking the habits we have of abandoning ourselves and making ourselves less than. Because

You deserve to be celebrated.


When we learn to do this well, we show up to ourselves and loved ones, our work, and our communities with a clearer head, way more resilience, and more love and creativity to offer in every area of our lives. It really is true that when we focus on filling our cups first, we truly do have more to give.

When we return home to ourselves, we finally find our home in the world around us.

Claire uses a variety of practical skill-building frameworks to help you deepen your awareness and emotional competence. Some of those include focus redirection, learning to cry without feeling like you're going to drown in it, becoming the compassionate witness, noticing empowered thought vs. disempowered thought, and learning how to move from a thought to belief you're having about you and finally arrive at the healing that is available underneath it... Claire tailors every session to meet you where you are, and gives you a menu of tools to play with when you leave your session. Her hope is that in this work you feel empowered, curious, and more aware, so you can find more joy, ease, meaning and fulfillment in your life.

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Book a Session

Your initial Intuitive Emotional Healing Session is typically 90 minutes and gives Claire a chance to start with you where you are. Subsequent sessions are typically 60 minutes unless otherwise requested. 

Intuitive Emotional Healing Sessions are $150/hr.

Right now Claire is offering
$75 OFF your Initial 90 min
One on One Intuitive Emotional Healing Session!
That's essentially an extra half hour, FREE

Claire does all her own scheduling, so to book your appointment and receive your $75 off your initial session, or for information on packages please send her an email at

Disclaimer: Claire is not a psychotherapist and these sessions are not meant to replace your other talk therapy sessions. These session are not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical ailment. 

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