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About Claire

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Claire is a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and Intuitive Emotional Healer.


Claire has always had a deep fascination with and appreciation for human emotion, relationships, and resilience. Over the years, Claire has done a deep dive into her own emotional healing work. This journey began with a couple incredible therapists (and a couple terrible ones) and finding incredible teachers and role models like Louise Hay, Joe Dispenza, Brene Brown, Eckhartt Tolle, and Tony Robbins. Each of these incredible teachers brought in a different lens, which over time aided Claire in piecing together a healing framework that brought her to deeper knowledge of herself, and deeper healing than she had ever experienced before. She got to know herself in a new way(including her Inner Kiddo), she learned to identify her blindspots

and grew her ability to be with discomfort, she honed her awareness around her thoughts and beliefs, and she found real compassion and love for herself for the first time in her life. 


Along that journey, Claire found herself in the role of oncology massage therapist in the bone marrow unit of a major hospital in Sacramento. While working there, she found herself, time and time again, in deep conversations with patients and friends alike around this healing. Complex, difficult topics would often arise, like making peace with death, finding meaning, building real connection in relationships, what true resilience looks like, and navigating difficult emotions, among many other things. After these conversations Claire would often hear how inspired, heard, and loved people would feel. They often mirrored back to her how helpful her perspective and approach were, how empowered they felt to move forward in new ways in their lives. And time and time again they would tell Claire she needed to offer this work professionally. That she was offering things in a new, revolutionary way.


So, after years of encouragement and many invitations to bring this work to the world, Claire is finally ready. She has developed an intimate, intuitively led emotional healing framework to help people rediscover their humanity and recognize the divine love that is inside every one of us. She calls this work Healing Your Human. In this process Claire brings in really valuable emotional and mental reframes around the way we view emotions, the meaning we apply to them, and the ways in which to navigate them with ease, presence, and compassion. She offers worksheets and meditations to help you reconnect with and identify your Inner Human(the most aligned, fulfilled version of you made of all your past selves, your Higher Self, and your Inner Kiddo). Claire gives daily practices and helpful aids to help you build a brand new relationship with yourself, grounded in love, acceptance, and real trust, maybe for the first time.


Claire also presents practical everyday tools to:


  • Expand awareness

  • Recognize, be with, and alchemize past traumas

  • Cultivate true knowledge of your true self and what alignment looks like for you

  • Reconnect with your humanity and the Divine Love that you’re made of

  • Navigate difficult emotions with competence and greater resilience

  • Develop a greater ability to respond to your outer environment from a place of groundedness

  • And bring more ease, joy, and true love into your life


Claire feels so passionate about this work and the power it has to transform your life because she has watched it happen time and time again in both her life and the lives of the people she works with. Claire’s biggest hope is that this work can help give more people the resilience, true self love, and liberation from the things that hold us back because we are meant to be expansive, boundless beings… and the world is waiting for us.


Let’s begin.

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