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Getting Started: Planning Your Space and Starting Your Seeds

Sunday April 28th, 2024
The Forest Garden, Bath, Maine
*This workshop takes place in our home office, so there is no rain date

Sliding Scale $15-$50

This is the perfect beginning workshop for first time gardeners, folks who want to maximize production in a small space, anyone who's never started their own seeds at home, or established gardeners who just love connecting with other gardeners!

In this fun three hour hands on workshop Claire will bring in the basics:

  • Planning your garden space!

    • What do you want to grow!?

    • How much food can you grow in your space?

    • How do you know how much to plant, when to plant it, and how to space it?

  • Starting your seeds!

    • Which plants do you start from seed outside? And which plants do you want to start indoors?

    • When do you start your seeds?

During this workshop you'll be making a list of what you want to grow before sitting down with graph paper and a ruler to plan out your spacing to maximize light and yield.

So measure your beds/space before you come!

Then we'll be breaking open bags of potting soil and packets of seeds as we start transplants you'll be taking home! Finally we'll talk about how to raise seedlings at home successfully before the last frost!

This hands on workshop will be a lot of fun. If you're wanting to improve your garden this year and get a head start on seedlings, this is a workshop you don't want to miss.


Registration Info

Claire offers gardening workshops at a sliding scale because everyone deserves to know how to grow their own food, and Claire loves to teach! As with all things in the world, these workshops are not free to run so Claire appreciates you choosing a comfortable amount within her sliding scale of $15-$50 to help in the cost of putting on these workshops.

Thank you so much in advance for supporting these important
learning events!
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Sunday April 28th, 2024

The Forest Garden, Bath, Maine

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