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Gardening Workshops

Home Vegetable Gardening Workshop Series

Spring 2024
All workshops in this series take place at The Forest Garden, at the Centers for Energetic Healing Home Office in Bath, ME

Want to grow your own food but don't know where to start?

Start with Claire!

Claire graduated from the University of Vermont back in 2009 with a degree in Ecological Agriculture and minor in Community International Development. What that means is Claire is a serious gardener, and she can do it just about anywhere! So fresh outta school Claire ran her own farm for three growing seasons in Central Vermont where she had an acre of mixed veggies, a cut flower and herb garden, all the chickens, and three pigs each season. 

Since then Claire has had a lot of different adventures, some abroad and some on the other side of the country, all of which led her back to the Northeast and back to her gardening roots. More recently, since moving to Maine in 2018, Claire has worked as a private gardener for an upscale permaculture garden in Yarmouth, as well as for herself! She now has two gardens, one raised bed garden at home (The Centers for Energetic Healing Forest Garden) and one 50ft x 100+ft one on some land a local family generously allows Claire to grow row crops on.

Claire loves to get her hands in the dirt, and she loves more than anything getting groups of people together to connect, laugh, learn, and grow. She also loves cross stitching, her chickens, baking, paper crafts, and spending as much time as possible with her nephews in Harpswell.

Why is Claire offering these workshops?

Each spring Claire offers a home vegetable gardening workshop series to improve food security in the midcoast area. With rising food costs and increasing disconnection from our food and the land, it's time for us to return to the soil, get our hands dirty, and take some of our sovereignty back into our own hands.

It is Claire's hope that you will find renewed connection with the earth you live on, a greater love for the ground you live on, and greater confidence in your ability to grow food for yourself and the people you love.
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