No one wants to live like that.         
And you don't have to.

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Intuitive Emotional Healing

In the fall of 2021 Claire launched a new emotional healing framework she calls Intuitive Emotional Healing. This framework is founded on the knowledge that

each one of us is inherently worthy and deserving of love,

but over the course of our lives we lose touch with that... we get disconnected from own humanity. When we lose touch with how to honor ourselves and our feelings, we can act from a place of resentment, numbness, perpetual exhaustion, self abandonment, or scarcity. And our lives can feel less fulfilling and connected, and more stressful and chaotic.

Through this work you are invited to return home to yourself.


To once again listen to that little voice in you that knows exactly what you need and who you are.


The voice that knows instinctively the clear path forward. 


When we hear this voice and learn to act in ways that honor it, we begin to find ourselves again.

This work is about reconnecting to our humanity, rediscovering real love (not egotism) for ourselves, expanding our self-awareness and gaining practical tools and strategies to care for ourselves and our loved ones better, from a place of true wholeness. 


This work is about identifying where we are still abandoning ourselves, where we are rationalizing our own exhaustion, lack of happiness or fulfillment, or where we are still not recognizing our inherent worth. Most of us have little awareness around the thoughts we think about ourselves, our worthiness, and our ability to move through the world as the empowered beings we're meant to be.


Most of us are walking around saying silent things to ourselves that we would never say about another person. This work is about catching ourselves when we lose sight of our breathtaking human-ness and discovering a new way of holding ourselves with love, honesty, and real alignment with who we are.

Ready to begin your healing?
You've got some options.

Join us in Self Healing Immersion

Since launching this new emotional healing framework, Claire has teamed up with her partner, Jess Bell, who is a divinely guided and gifted energy healer and biodynamic osteopath. Combining Claire's emotional alchemy work with Jess' incredible ability to move energy in the body, and teach people how to do this too was a real game changer. There's a whole story there, and if you'd like to read it, you can find it here.

For now just know, your body is made of energy. You are protons and electrons, you are atoms at your smallest unit. You are energy. And your emotions are just energy being triggered in your body, creating a set of sensations and mental patterns, and hopefully then moving through. When we don't properly move these energies through our bodies they stagnate and get lodged in our tissues. So therefore, our true healing requires both an energetic protocol AND an emotional healing toolset. That's what Claire and Jess are offering now. 

The easiest way to get your feet wet in this process is to join them in Self Healing Immersion. Self Healing Immersion is an online platform where Claire and Jess offer LIVE events (group healing sessions, Q&A's, and  workshops), weekly videos and practices to deepen your healing, and an incredible community to walk alongside you on this journey. 

It's your classroom, your meeting place, and your ashram.

If you're ready to join us, you can sign up for a

One Month FREE Trial Membership 

to Self Healing Immersion at our highest membership tier

We have experienced the transformational power of this work first hand, and we want you to experience it too... What better way to do that than to give you a FREE month to see for yourself?

Level One: Your Bridge to Energetic Self Healing

Being offered next in Spring of 2023

If you know this is work you're ready to deep dive into and you want a more formal structure and framework, you might be ready to register for our Level One course, called Level One: Your Bridge to Energetic Self Healing. This is a 5 week Zoom course I created with my partner Jess Bell, D.O., that brings you a progressive healing framework including weekly practices, worksheets, and videos, weekly 3 hour LIVE Zoom sessions, direct correspondence with Jess and Claire to support you as you go, and an intimate group of self healers to walk along with you.


If you want to find out more about Level One, you'll find all your questions answered here.

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One on One
Intuitive Emotional
Healing Sessions


If you're ready to begin your healing, but groups don't feel like the place for you right now, you might find that individual sessions are where you belong. These can be done with Claire over Zoom or in person in her office in Freeport.

One on one intuitive emotional healing sessions with Claire are a beautiful opportunity to receive detailed specific help in gaining new tools and perspective shifts to help you build emotional competence and awareness in your life.

In this work Claire draws on:

-inner child work                                              -self awareness

-mirror work                                                      -self compassion

-witnessing                                                       -radical honesty

-and a variety of other practical-skill building frameworks

These sessions are completely directed by you.

You are in the driver's seat at all times. Claire serves as a guide, gentle mirror, and sounding board to better understand your own desires, blindspots, strengths, needs, and abilities. She is here to assist you in rediscovering (or maybe discovering for the first time) all the breathtaking, unique things that make you, you.

Your first Intuitive Emotional Healing Session is 90 minutes and gives Claire a

chance to start with you where you are.

Subsequent sessions are typically 60 minutes unless otherwise requested. 

Intuitive Emotional Healing Sessions are $150/hr.

Packages available.


Claire does all her own scheduling, so to book your appointment, or for information on packages please send her an email at

To learn more about Claire and Intuitive Emotional Healing

please check out Claire's Instagram, Tik Tok,

and YouTube Channel

Disclaimer: Claire is not a psychotherapist and these sessions are not meant to replace your other talk therapy sessions. These session are not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical ailment.