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Self Healing Immersion

Self Healing Immersion (SHI) is a sweet little online community centered around energetic and emotional healing run by Claire and her partner Jess Bell, D.O. through Centers for Energetic Healing.

Each month they run six Zoom sessions, each with a different focus. This community is a

great fit for anyone who know they are ready for this healing work and want to dive in with a really supportive, open minded, healing centered community that values deep listening, open sharing, real conversation, and an expanded perspective on healing, and all the vast and varied pieces that make up this Human Experience.

The best part? You get one month FREE when you sign up!

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Schedule a
One on One Session
with Claire Garner NBC-HWC
Intuitive Emotional Healing Guide

One on one intuitive emotional healing sessions with Claire are a beautiful opportunity to receive detailed specific help in gaining practical new tools and perspective shifts to help you build emotional competence and awareness in your life.

Claire's Intuitive Emotional Healing framework hands you the tools to be able to feel in safety, cultivate real compassion for yourself and in turn the people around you, and approach your relationships and your life from a place of empowered sovereignty.

From here you're off and running.


Looking for an online course, a Poster Digital Download, or a bite sized workshop to download?


I am working hard to bring you many self-paced learning options and downloadable info graphics to help you in this work! Now that you're on the newsletter you'll be the first to know when they come out.

For now, if you aren't already, give me follow on all my social media. And thank you for all your support!

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