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Healing Your Human™ Emotional Healing Sessions FAQ

Who would benefit from a Healing Your Human™ Session?

  • Anyone dedicated to their emotional health and wellbeing

  • Anyone with a cancer diagnosis who is looking to add true core healing to their current treatment protocol

  • Anyone who has ever felt Other

  • Anyone who feels some degree of numbness in their daily life and knows there's more to life than what they're currently experiencing

  • Anyone who has struggled with true self acceptance around same sex relationships or gender identity

  • Anyone who wants to show up with more love for the kiddos (and adult kiddos) in their life

  • Anyone who is hungry for more


What is this work about?


This work is about getting connected to your intuition again. We are programmed from a VERY young age to look outside ourselves for love, safety, and guidance. Some of this is built into our biology because we are entirely dependent on caregivers for basic human needs for the first 18 years of our lives. We adapt to have certain behaviors to please those caregivers so we don’t find ourselves alone, homeless, or starving. As we grow and evolve into mature adults we no longer need these adaptive strategies to survive, and we often find that they impede our ability to function as our full selves. In fact we find that healing is all about returning ourselves to the way we were before we developed those adaptive survival strategies. And how do we do that? 


  • We witness ourselves (our programming, our adaptive strategies, our beliefs about ourselves) with awareness

  • We meet and learn to love our inner kiddo

  • We learn to identify and really feel our feelings

  • We remember that we are, every one of us, just made of love


This work is about looking at yourself with awareness, maybe for the first time and seeing the ways in which you have dehumanized, judged, and dissociated from you. It’s about seeing where you are negating your needs for the needs of others and running your cup dry. 

This work is about reconnecting you with you. It’s about slowing the process of feeling down and introducing the concept of witnessing. We cannot POSSIBLY make real change in our lives if we are operating with blindspots in our behaviors, so much of this work is remaining lovingly open to identifying when we are in a blindspot. This work is not about being a failure. It’s about acquiring a new tool set.

What about?

What is witnessing?


Witnessing is the act of consciously observing our thoughts and feelings with the intention of lovingly identifying our feelings, where we are lying to ourselves, and where we can begin to connect to our own humanity NOW. It’s about being in the moment and showing up for ourselves when we need it most.

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