About Claire


This is Claire.


She has a bachelor's degree in Ecological Agriculture from the University of Vermont, she's a licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Maine and she holds a certification in the Vodder technique of Manual Lymphatic Drainage from Klose Training. Claire has been trained in many bodywork modalities including, scar tissue mobilization, swedish massage, deep tissue, oncology massage, acupressure, reflexology, and medical massage focusing on carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, chronic pain, TMJ, lower back pain, and thoracic outlet syndrome. Additionally in 2019 Claire became a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach after completing a 12 month Functional Medicine Health Coach Training Program through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. 

Before Claire moved to Maine in 2018 she was the Oncology Massage Therapist in the Bone Marrow Unit at Sutter Hospital in Sacramento, CA. There she had the privilege of spending time almost daily with her patients, since they were in the hospital often for weeks and months at a time. During this time she was arguably the least Western Medicine minded human in the unit, and would naturally find herself in conversation with her patients around alternative healing modalities, grief, fear of dying, confusion about their lack of healing, and deep questions about what they could do to actually feel better. After talking patients would tell Claire time and time again how much they benefited from her deep listening or loving reframes or 3,00ft view. So, it was these conversations that led Claire to pursue a coaching certification, and now this deeper emotional work offered in her Healing Your Human Sessions. In Claire's coaching experience it became really clear very quickly that trying to alter someone's emotional eating patterns, for example, with habit re-direction and affirmations often did nothing but put a bandaid on the deeper healing work that was really being illuminated. Claire knew she wanted to offer people more than just lifestyle modification and comforting touch as they came up against their own pain, mortality, limiting beliefs, or struggle to find true physical wellness. She wanted to bring people practical tools, deep presence, and a sense of soul level empowerment so that each person could feel more whole at their core. When we naturally feel more whole, true health and wellbeing naturally follows. 

So, it's with all this in mind that Claire is now offering not only lymph drainage and massage, but also these new Healing Your Human Sessions. Because bodywork is a beautiful way to relax and really feel our bodies, but it doesn't address the root of why the tension has arrived in the tissue in the first place. When we learn to really feel and release what we are experiencing in our lives, the energy of the emotion flows right through us and doesn't stay bottled up in our muscles to create tension and imbalance down the road.

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